Our team of IT experts has proven track record of working with diverse kinds of Industries. Their expertise stands among working directly within many particular markets such as hospitality, tourism, contracting etc.

Data Centers

As the world's communication is on the path of evolution, Bin Khamis continue to adapt to those standards all the time. Our custom configured data centers are functional as per the dimensions of high-performance adaptability, security, and reliability.


As the Information Technology's advancement and application of it especially in the Educational institutions is tremendous and unimaginable, Bin Khamis spend reasonable time in understanding the Educational Institutions needs and demand and provides them updated technology and solutions. We always tried to enhance the communications capabilities of students and scholars by providing them with tools such as mobile and live learning atmosphere, computing, and customized results.


Bin Khamis always tries to know the company needs whether it is big or small. Our tailor-made and managed enterprise services are always targeted at your specific needs. As we focus too much on Design and implementation, deployment is always successful for both parties. With our resources comprising of dedicated consultants, engineers, technicians, and people we can bring out positive results on communications.


As financial institutions are on the rise, the need for privacy and protection is increasing. Our reliable and resilient communication platforms always work towards bringing out banking and other financial institutions the highest levels of security, stability, and trustworthiness. Our ethics and standards are always facilitated to refresh old solutions or update the new one which entrusts many global financial institutions to work with us.


Health care systems also largely depend upon IT infrastructure to function it properly. Everybody has to deal with healthcare systems one time or another. This results in the massive demand for streamlined, digital records and systems (hospital information system `{`HIS`}` and `{`RIS`}` radiology information system). Our solutions also facilitate and improve the quality of life for millions by enhancing technology solutions to both providers and patients to collaborate with an advanced, effective, and secure health network.


As the Hospitality Industries is growing day by day, the need for comfort by enhancing technology is also increasing. In this highly competitive market, every IT advancements & resulting comfort always matters. As a result of Technological advancement, everybody knows the differences that often ignored services such as what broadband internet, HD on-demand video, and one-touch automation can bring in.

Real Estate

As it is a sector where finance and the built environment meet, IT involvement largely differentiate property management one from another. Our comprehensive technologies help the property developers to lay the foundation with low current design fundamentals, which can be expanded to meet the communication requirements in the future. Our solutions allow property managers to provide enhanced communication facilities to their clientele by providing much better living experience.